I started going about a year ago and absolutely love the results I’ve seen and the sense of community. The gym atmosphere is so awesome and all the coaches are extremely helpful. They strive to make it a very inclusive, friendly environment!! The classes start on time and there is a huge focus on working together as a group for warming up and mobility which is important to me. They coaches always find a way to run the classes efficiently no matter the class size. -Molly S.

Bryndy and Chelsea are great coaches, and since I’ve made the committed I’ve seen nothing but positive improvement in my health. No pressure, all moves can be modified with limited mobility, they are always helpful to tailor a program no matter your ability. They focus on making changes for life, not short term. Great place and great opportunity to change your life. -Troy P.

Wrought Iron Gym is the best place around. They can accommodate all fitness levels. From those just beginning a workout journey to advanced athletes who are looking to challenge themselves. The coaches are all very knowledgeable and will work with you on whatever your goals may be. This place truly is a family and a home! -Sami F.

Love this gym! You can’t find any other place like it, from the awesome owners to encouraging and friendly community. The workouts are great and keep you motivated and there are classes for all levels of fitness. -Heidi B.

The people here make it! The facilities are great don’t get me wrong but the thing that keeps me going are the people. The owners/coaches/athletes are the most welcoming and encouraging group of people I have ever met. I walk in to the gym in the morning and can feel the energy. The smiling faces and encouragement inspire me to work harder and be better than I was yesterday. They lead by example, I push harder because I see everyone else wanting the same thing. To be better. Bryndy and Chelsea keep up the great work. You are doing a great job and it shows through the people that choose to come to CFEP. -Alex T.

This is my second home. The owners are amazing and always willing to go the extra mile to help you. The other members truly become family. There is an awesome kids room where my son can go while I get my workout done and they make Noah feel welcome. He even gets to do is own workouts when everyone is done which means the world to me. I love the fact that I still get to be a mom and get my workout in without sacrificing one or the other. -Haylee G.

Great box to join. Owners and coaches are both encouraging and knowledgeable. They offer a nutrition plan if you are looking for help in that area and also a barbell club that focuses on the Olympic lifts and proper techniques for those that need or want extra work there. It’s a very positive atmosphere overall with a great group of athletes to train with. I’ve never experienced a gym like this before. I feel lucky to have found it. -Chad G.

Amazing community! I love going here It fits anyone. You feel warmth and welcome from everyone. You also learn so much. -Crystal P.

My favorite place to be! Bryndy and Chelsea are amazing coaches that start with you from the ground up and allow you to discover you can do more than you think! Their focus on nutrition and long term health has been life changing for me. Great gym, awesome community, excellent owners and coaches! -Stacie P.

This gym is awesome. I love the family atmosphere. The coaches are very accessible and attentive to gym member needs. They definitely have made crossfit unintimidating for members through good coaching, workshops, and that time push when you are struggling through a workout. -Xavier H.

The best fitness experience ever…. I have never worked out at a more welcoming facility or with a community like this. Regardless of your fitness level everyone at this gym is ready, willing and able to help you overcome any limitations or challenges to meet your goals. -Jessica S.