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Here’s our chance to share the hard work and results our athletes have achieved.

There are probably not enough adjectives to describe how I feel and look from the last 6 weeks of the Nutrition Challenge at Wrought Iron Gym!! How can something so simple and right in front of me… be so easy and beneficial?! The challenge started with a list of foods that I was “allowed” to eat… I was ecstatic!! I could have berries, and potatoes and brown rice, etc… I thought I would have to eat chicken and broccoli for every meal!! Nope… this was not the nutrition challenge I did… my list had veggies, fruit, protein, healthy fats…. I became a Pinterest fanatic with recipes… I meal prepped and realized how effortless it could be with the right foods and the support group that was created was helpful.. my eating habits will forever be changed thanks to this challenge.

I had 3 goals I wanted to achieve in the last 6 weeks. I wanted a healthier gut, lose 15 lbs and “feel” better. I achieved ALL 3 GOALS!! My stomach was less bloated and didn’t have pain… I lost 15 lbs and I feel phenomenal!! The adjectives I would now describe how I eat, feel and look would be…. STRONG, BALANCED, ALIVE, HAPPY, MINDFUL and HEALTHY!!

Thank you Wrought Iron Gym for giving us this challenge to better our lives in the gym and outside the gym!! The information that I have learned in the last 6 weeks with nutrition will help me for a lifetime! -Pepper Grove

First of all regarding nutrition, yes it can be done. Now healthy eating is part of my wife and I’s routine, and we are doing smaller things throughout the week to better prepare, and now we count Sunday prep day as good quality time as we both are pitching in. Secondly, I have lost a ton of weight for 5 weeks. I know this initial weight loss was probably because I was close to 300 lbs, and it will get tougher, but I am making steps to continue my accountability and diet regiment. Third, I can feel my body is appreciating putting good wholesome food in my body. I am not experiencing a lot of mood swings, feeling tried a lot,(IE All my extra Cardio) LOL, additionally, for a ex-athlete who has injured about every joint in my body, a lot of my joint pain is gone. I only have muscle pain and small amount of joint pain. Last, I would say at this point I strongly believe I can be done and you can live a healthy non processed, clean food lifestyle. I am excited to see how Stacie and I grow with this continued healthy eating lifestyle.

Thanks again for doing all this extra stuff other just being cross fit coaches and getting me going down the right path. -Troy P.

So this nutrition adventure was a lot more beneficial to my health, physique and knowledge then I anticipated. We have talked quite a bit over the last 4 or 5 months about nutrition, macros, even when to eat what foods through out the day. I have been interested in nutrition and even been food journaling on and off for years. So I had lulled myself into a false sense that I had a good understanding of it. This challenge and they way you laid out the food groups, the trays (wayyyy easier then counting macros) and the importance of vegetables over the other groups made this fun.

We (athletes, gym rats, dad bods, health nuts, etc.) put so much emphasis on protein, supplements, and even carbs to build muscle that diets become severely imbalanced. I know before I was focused on how much chicken I eat a day and didn’t worry about the rest much. “oh we cook all our meals, its home made therefore it is healthy” this was my basic assessment. My biggest surprise over the last 6 weeks is how good I feel; in almost every area. Brain function, aches, pains, attitude, ability to deal with stress, outlook on life, etc. I know you stated in many times in the Dec challenge, what we put in our bodies impacts all areas, but I did not appreciate it until I saw it for myself.

Now the other benefit was looking in the mirror, dropping about 15 lbs. in 6 weeks shocked me; I didn’t think I had that much body fat to begin with so I was surprised to see it melt away. It is hard to assess how much this impacted muscle strength but I can say that being lighter made the 19.4 muscle ups a lot easier lol.

I have made significant changes this year in several areas, one being doing ROMWOD 7 days a week which has vastly improved my flexibly, improving my form on lifts as well as eliminating so much pain. I intend on continuing a modified version of this diet as we have discussed with slow increases to carbs and protein to ensure I am still able to build muscle. I am excited to see the changes, 6 weeks is no time at all and I look like a different person, that part is nice but the way it has positively impacted my life is the part that drives me to continue it. -Luke M.

This nutrition challenge has been an eye opener for me. Given just a simple list of foods that I should eat and some that I should stay away from I was told to eat a serving of carbs, protein, and vegetables 3 times a day and drink lots of water. This made it seem almost too simple. The reality is that it was that simple. As a result I wasn’t hungry all the time. I wasn’t craving all the things I used to eat. In fact, I felt like I was eating all the time! For me, the first couple weeks had weight falling off. Which was great for fat content, but my overall goal in this was to learn what to eat to help me lose fat as well as what and how much to eat to build muscle. I quickly learned I needed way more calories than I was consuming. Also the right types of calories. Now I’m on the right track but still feel as if I’m just starting. The official challenge may be over but the real challenge is just beginning. I’m not stopping here. Not now. Too much work to be done and I have too many hopes and expectations for myself in the future with CrossFit and life in general. Thanks to this challenge I see food in a whole new way and I’m gonna use it to achieve my goals. -Chad G.