Athletic Team Development

We know your off-seasons are short and your seasons are long. We also know strong athletes stay the healthiest and make the biggest impact on every team. Our proven methods help your athletes gain useful strength that will enable more speed and agility while reducing the risk of overuse and acute injuries.

Our goal is to help athletes increase their strength, speed, power, agility, and conditioning in order to improve performance in their sport. We use scientific methods to design and evaluate training to ensure that our training programs are effective. We also aim at developing discipline and hard work that will help your athlete be successful in all areas of life.

The CrossFit method establishes a hierarchy for the development of an athlete. Each component relies on an athlete’s competency in the level(s) below it. For example, you cannot utilize your full Weightlifting potential without establishing a full range of motion with Gymnastic work. Likewise, no conditioning – Metabolic, Gymnastic or otherwise – would be complete without a solid nutritional base.

Our mission is to provide every athlete with a comprehensive approach to training and injury prevention. Our training approach is designed to address the needs of every team & athlete on a case-by-case basis. We teach athletes how to move properly and develop proper technique in all aspects of what we do. There is an incorporation of five major components in the Anaerobic Power Systems Program: Strength, Speed, Power,
Olympic lifting, and Flexibility.

Training as a group saves $$$ off our individual rates! Our team pricing is per athlete and is customized to each group based on number of athletes and length of training program.

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