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At Wrought Iron Gym, we are passionate about meeting people where they are and helping them push forward in their journey toward their goals. Regardless of where you start or where you want to end up, we will walk alongside you each step of the way. Through our fitness and nutrition programs, we aim to simplify what it means to be healthy and to show you that your goals are attainable.

Individually, we may all be on slightly different paths but we are all on a similar journey towards happiness, health, and wellness. Some steps of the journey are harder than others and there are times during our journey when we feel that we are never going to get to the peak of the mountain. In these moments, we fail to live in the moment and project ourselves at that peak, and get disappointed when we come crashing down to reality. The truth is that you will get to your destination if you have the dedication and perseverance.

At Wrought Iron Gym, we encourage you to trust the process and Embrace the Journey. Trusting the process not only develops resilience and courage, but teaches us about ourselves and the world around us as we establish a foundation and lifestyle that becomes immovable and unwavering. This holds true in all aspects of life but something that paints this picture so clearly is the road to health and fitness. We all want the fat dissolving pill without practicing the healthy habits, the five-minute workout that will give us a six pack, or the diet that drops 10 pounds in two weeks only to backtrack when we burn out. This approach to “looking our best” is not sustainable and we end up right back where we started with just a minor change in circumstance or mindset. Becoming healthy is a process and there are no quick fixes that actually last. It takes day-to-day discipline and focus. It takes picking yourself back up after failing, celebrating the little victories and knowing that taking each day at a time will eventually result in a more beautiful outcome than if our goals were just handed to us.

At Wrought Iron Gym, we provide you with the tools to build these necessary lifestyle changes. We encourage and motivate you to use these tools and never give up on your dream. Keep running after your goals with joy and know that the mountains and the valleys you experience are developing into something incredible. Enjoy the process and Embrace the Journey because one day you will reach the top of the mountain or emerge from the valley – victorious, with new perspective, more skills and hopefully a new dream to see fulfilled!