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Before I joined Wrought Iron Gym I felt depressed. I was always so down on myself for letting myself gain weight and become super lazy. I’ve always been a small person and as I’ve gotten older my body has changed in ways I absolutely hated. To be honest I was disappointed I allowed myself to get to that point.

Since I’ve joined Wrought Iron Gym I have been a lot happier, that’s for sure! I have energy I didn’t even know I had. I used to just drink an energy drink which would help for a little while. Now I can work out, have a cup of coffee and feel great! Now that I am seeing results I feel like a new person!

I think everyone deserves to feel this way because it is truly one of the best feelings to have accomplished something you never thought possible. It’s a sense of pride like I just did that. It may not have been great but to me it was. It’s knowing that each class I am trying something new and doing better than I was the day before.  Every time it brings me joy and shock! Mostly though, it gives me pride.

This isn’t a community it is a family and I understand that now. Everyone is there to bring you up, not tear you down. It feels like home in a way. I can truly and honestly say if I needed support for ANYTHING in life, i’d have every single person in that gym behind me. I would also like to brag about Coach Carlos for second because he is by far the best, supportive person I could ask for in a coach. I know I am a handful and he is VERY patient. 

My gym journey has been a struggle. Life gets in the way, especially work, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Joining this gym has done wonders for me and I thank every single person I’ve met and has pushed me to be better!