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James joined looking for a fitness routine that he would be able to sustain and get the results he was looking for! He was looking to lose weight and gain muscle and that’s exactly what he’s doing! He started off 3 days a week but instantly got hooked to his new fitness routine and is now making it a priority to hit the gym 4-5 days a week. Not only that, he has started to take his nutrition much more serious. With long hours at work he doesn’t make excuses. He is making small changes such as increasing his water intake, choosing grilled food over fried, and cutting back on soda that will all ultimately lead to him to the greatest results!

During James’ 90 Day Journey, he lost 13 lbs of body fat mass and 3% body fat, he gained 2 lbs of muscle, and was able to cut back on his blood pressure medication. One of his biggest struggles when joining was knee pain and now with a consistent workout routine and concentrating on proper form he is 100% pain free! He is now 4 months in at Wrought Iron Gym and has not only lost several more pounds, gained muscle and lost serious body fat in the last month, he’s also cut down to half of his blood pressure medicine, regained his confidence, made new friends and he’s going to need a new belt! By implementing a healthy diet and exercise routine, James has changed his life!

Check out what James has to say about Wrought Iron Gym and his new healthy lifestyle 👇

“What a difference a few months at Wrought Iron Gym makes. This program is legit and the coaches at Wrought Iron Gym are top notch. Sign up now and tell all your friends!

Today was a milestone for me. Before I started this journey, I was miserable. Hated how I felt, looked, everything about myself. Some gym ad on Facebook said hey, come give us a try. So, I did. Four months later I have made so many new friends, gained my self confidence back and my self worth. I made it to the end of my belt!!!! The transformation that has occurred physically and mentally cannot be measured. Thank you Wrought Iron Gym, the coaches that push us every day, and all my friends that believe in me and push me to do great things!”

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