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We are extremely proud of Tilly and the lifestyle change she has made over the past 90 Days at Wrought Iron Gym! Tilly joined because she felt her weight was at a stand still and she lacked the knowledge of fitness and nutrition she needed to keep moving forward. She not only wanted to make big changes for herself but also for her 5 kids. Her goals consisted of making it to the gym 3-4 days a week and dropping more weight, but she has accomplished a LOT more than that in these past few months!

When Tilly started with us, there were a LOT of things she couldn’t do. She couldn’t do a sit up, she couldn’t do a push up, heck she couldn’t even ride on the bike. But she’s NEVER once complained! She shows up multiple times per week and modifies every workout to fit her skill level! The coaches guide her and provide options that are good for her. Not only does she show up but she pushes herself harder than she ever has, she has completely changed her nutrition for the better, her energy levels have skyrocketed, and she has also made sleep a priority. She can now do sit ups, push ups and ride on the bike and do all of the things she couldn’t do 3 short months ago. 

Since she has started with Wrought Iron Gym she has lost 33 lbs, 3% body fat, has worn jeans for the first time in a long time, and now instead of chasing her kids, her kids are chasing her. It’s more than just a weight loss journey, it’s a complete lifestyle change. Tilly’s journey is just getting started. She has proven herself that she CAN DO IT and has inspired everyone around her!

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