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It has been amazing to watch Kristina grow over the past 90 days! Before joining Wrought Iron Gym she was working out on her own, not knowing how to reach her goals. She would run and lift some weights but felt lost and never satisfied when she left the gym. Kristina joined looking to get stronger and regain confidence in herself. She is currently training for her next big PT test for the Army where she will need a lot of upper body strength and endurance. She is crushing her goals right and left and has already gotten her FIRST STRICT PULL UP. She is getting stronger everyday and continues to increase her stamina every day! We can’t wait for her to crush her next PT test! Keep up the great work Krisinta! This is just the beginning!

“Before signing up for Wrought Iron, I was going to planet fitness. I would run on the treadmill and lift some weights and then leave. I never felt that good ole energy filled, ready for the rest of my day feeling I got once I started at Wrought Iron. Partly from not pushing myself to be a little uncomfortable and partly because I wasn’t sure what the hell to do with half the machines they offered. I was kind of lost, wanting to be fit and live a healthier lifestyle but didn’t have the tools or motivation I needed to accomplish that.

Now that I have 90 days in, I feel great! I am working on being able to balance my life a little better so that I can really focus on my fitness goals. But overall, I think that since I have started there, I have gained back some self-confidence I lost. I also, have been much happier and had just an all-around more positive attitude. I have always been known as the small girl, which has always made me feel weak. After seeing what 
I am capable of, I have lost that thought of myself. I know now that I am strong and capable of way more than I thought.

Everyone deserves to feel strong and empowered because it helps build self-worth. The image you have of yourself is SO important. That feeling of accomplishment when you tackle your first double under or power through your first strict pull up is something no one can take from you.. because YOU did it. There is too much negativity in this world that everyone deserves a place where they can feel accomplished, strength, and empowerment. 

The Wrought Iron community isn’t comparable to anything else. EVERY SINGLE PERSON is in your corner. No matter if you are first or last finished, if you are killing the workout or seriously struggling, someone is there telling you to keep pushing. This is what sets it apart from other gyms, the camaraderie and encouraging atmosphere at Wrought Iron isn’t something I have found anywhere else. The trainers don’t just sit back and watch everyone perform the workout, they walk around, give pointers, correct form deficiencies, always willing to give advice, and are there from start to finish with words of encouragement. Without the support and uplifting spirits from everyone, I’m not sure I would have pushed myself as hard. 

Life gets in the way sometimes, schedules change, having smaller children can hinder your ability to do whatever you want when you want, sometimes you just don’t want to get out of bed.. but do it anyway. Even if it’s just a couple times a week, do it anyway. Getting up is the hardest part, but once you show up and knock the workout done you ALWAYS feel better than when you walked in. Sometimes a happier life is as small as going to the gym 2-3 times a week.  You CAN do it anyway. It’s just a matter of putting on gym clothes instead of pressing snooze.”