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Before starting my 90 Day Experience at Wrought Iron Gym, I felt like I was just surviving life, but not thriving. I had been restricted to just walking for the better part of a year prior to joining, and I was frustrated and lost much of my self-confidence.

Now, I have energy and I’m thriving and gaining back my confidence!  I was somewhat deflated that I didn’t make some of my goals at the end of the 90 days, but it took a long time for me to get that far out of shape, so I just have to keep reminding myself that I’m not going to bounce back overnight.  Now I’m focused on seeing changes in my physique, and how my clothes are fitting differently. And also how much more energy I have, and the amazing PR goals I’m achieving!

Everyone has different levels of fitness and different reasons for wanting or needing to exercise, but the end result is the same…we want to live a longer happier life!  The fact that CrossFit WODs can be modified to fit everyone’s needs/goals and you still get an effective workout with an amazing and supportive group of people, makes it worth the effort.

I have always had major gym-phobia, and have had experiences in other gyms that have only reinforced that fear and anxiety in me. It took everything within me to walk through the doors at WI that first time. And I could not be happier that I did. The WI family is amazeballs!  Everyone there welcomes you, cheers you on, and stands in your corner to give you that extra push. My fears and anxiety are dissolving, and my confidence is rising thanks to the WI family support.

I had all the wrong ideas about what CrossFit was, until I met Chelsea and Bryndy, and everyone else at WI. It’s been an amazing start to this journey and I don’t regret a single moment of it!