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Combining smart and consistent training with recovery is the only way to results. But what is recovery? Recovery is allowing your body to heal and destress from the training you have done in order to receive the benefits of your hard work. Training is simply the flame that lights the firework. You have to connect the flame with the actual wick in order to cause a result that is visible and real. Below are a few ways that you can up your training and increase your results. We do want to stress that there are literally hundreds and hundreds of ways to recover and that there can be some benefit to your recovery for most of those ways but without the essential building blocks that we have laid out below you are essentially putting brand new lights in a house with no electrical wiring. Start with the foundational recovery methods and once you have maximized those then you may be able to start adding in new things.

Sleep – There is absolutely no other recovery method that drives performance and increases the body’s recovery times like sleep. Our all time favorite thing about sleep is that it is absolutely free and available to anyone and everyone that will take advantage of it. This is where everyone should seek to improve. Below is an extensive article on how to maximize sleep that we have found incredibly beneficial to improving our own sleep.


Nutrition – While food may not be as free as sleep it is just as readily available but often times we find ourselves choosing the wrong foods that potentially blunt our recovery instead of aid it. By choosing proper nutrition you can increase muscle in the body by giving your body digestible protein sources, decrease fat by allowing your body to take in nutrients that aid in fat loss, and boost energy by fueling your body properly which will allow you to get back in the gym sooner than you may have with poor nutrition. If nutrition is a big question mark for you then schedule a free No Snack Intro with our coaches to learn more about how you can start moving forward in that area.

Breathing or Relaxing – Your eyes went straight to relaxing and your mind went straight to Netflix didn’t it? That’s chillin’ and chillin’ is different than relaxing. When you train hard you are putting your body in a sympathetic state which is another way of saying you are stressing your body out. Think of it like a little gauge that goes in a line of green (good), yellow (not optimal), and red (stressed). When you are training you are pushing your body into that yellow and red area so that it will give you the results you want but staying in those areas when we aren’t training is a recipe for disaster. Take some time to breathe during the day. This can look like using an app like Headspace or maybe you just lay down on the floor and breathe for a while before bed but getting your body in a relaxed state is an incredible way to speed up recovery and leave you with a sense of calm that can drastically improve your day to day tasks.

Again, these are only a few of the many amazing ways to speed up recovery but these three have had the biggest impact on are personal recovery and are staples in our everyday training routine. The honest truth is that the biggest recovery tools are probably right in front of you so take advantage of them and you will be amazed at how much faster you move towards your goals.