Pepper’s Transformation!

We have absolutely loved seeing Pepper’s transformation inside the gym and out! Her mindset on fitness and nutrition has completed changed from when she first started. She is truly dedicated to her new lifestyle and loves every bit of it! She shows up everyday, works hard, and encourages everyone around her. This is just the beginning!

“I look back and think how big I looked and didn’t even realize it. Lol. Ok. I realized it. But mostly wore big scarfs and stuff. But I don’t mind. I will never get that big and unhealthy again. I couldn’t even be active with my kiddos…fast forward. I got to show Savannah how I can lift weights now!!”

Tell us about yourself. What are your favorites hobbies?

– I am a newly wed (just celebrated 2 years of wonderful marriage) to my best friend Chad.. I have been a nurse for 17 years and love taking care of people and being active in our community with healthcare. I have 2 kiddos that are active in school and sports. My daughter Savannah is a sophomore at Monmouth College and plays softball. My son Mitchell is a sophomore at East Peoria High School and plays football, basketball and baseball. I love reading, travel, dancing… sometime my husband and I will turn on music and have dance parties in our family room!!

What brought you to Wrought Iron Gym? Did you have a specific goal when you joined?

-My neighbor Jessica and her husband joined Wrought Iron. (As well as their friends Todd and Sonja). When we would go out with them they would tell stories of their workouts and the people they had met… it was the motivating to hear everything they were doing. Initially my specific goal was to get healthier with my husband. He had been sick earlier that February and I just stopped being motivated and made excuses.

How long have you been a member at Wrought Iron Gym?

– I have been a member since August of 2018

What impact has CrossFit had on you inside and outside of the gym?

– Inside the gym the impact on my mood has been phenomenal. I am always so happy when I am there. It’s crazy that something can change my mood in one hour a day. I leave feeling accomplished and good. Outside the gym the impact has been life changing. I have better posture. I am mindful of my nutrition and I work hard to stay motivated because I like getting better at the gym.

Most memorable moment at Wrought Iron Gym?

– I loved The Open… first off I loved pushing myself harder than I thought I could go. And second I loved how well everyone else did… the gym was so fun and encouraging…. although I really didn’t Rx any of the workouts… All the coaches and teammates encouraged me to try.. and that was fun!

What is your proudest CrossFit moment to date?

– winning the Nutrition Challenge!! I learned so much in 6 weeks and was amazed and how knowledge, accountability and support from the coaches and members helped me succeed!

What is your latest achievement at Wrought Iron Gym?

– my latest achievement was front squats today!! I did 125 lbs. This may not seem like much to some… but when I first started in August. I could barely squat without weights!

What is your next achievement going to be?

– pull up!! Definitely gonna get my pull up!!

What is your favorite movement/lift? Least favorite?

– favorite movement/ lift is the deadlift

– least favorite snatch

If you could create a WOD, what would it look like?

– my WOD would have rowing, deadlifts, and running. I am learning to love running!

What advice would you give to someone new to Wrought Iron Gym, or thinking of giving it a try?

-I would advise someone on the benefits of Wrought Iron Gym with health and happiness. My weight is down. I have muscles I have never had before. I stand taller with good posture. My cholesterol levels went way down. I didn’t have winter depression this year for the first time since we joined Wrought Iron Gym. My husband Chad also comes to the gym and we have morning dates with our workouts. We have so much fun doing it together. But mostly I would tell someone that Wrought Iron Gym is now my second home /family. The place and the people make me a better person. It’s amazing that a gym can become “your people”.