Michelle’s Spotlight Interview

Meet Michelle! She has been with us for just about 4 months now. She signed up for a 6 week challenge and immediately got hooked! With 2 kids and a full time job, she used to find it very difficult to stay motivated and make time for her own health and fitness. She now LOVES fitness and is committed to making her workouts at Wrought Iron Gym fit her schedule! She consistently makes it in 5-6 days a week, works hard and always has a smile on her face! In the short time that she has been with us she has made so many new friends, completed her first competition and signed up for a second this fall, completed her first MURPH, and is soon going to compete in her first CrossFit Open! We are so happy to be a part of your journey Michelle and continue to look forward to your progress!

Why did you join Wrought Iron Gym?

I had always thought about doing CrossFit, but it was always kind of intimidating. One day, I just decided to start looking around for a box locally, just to explore my options. I liked that Wrought Iron is woman-owned, which is kind of a rarity. When a Facebook ad popped up about a 6-week nutrition and fitness program, I figured, “Why not? If I hate it, I’m only on the hook for 6 weeks.” 

What’s been your biggest accomplishment?

My biggest accomplishment has been not only coming in the doors 5+ days a week, but not wanting to take rest days. I’m one of those people who will *want* to get to the gym, but work, life, etc. seem to get in the way. It was always too easy to just say, “I’ll go tomorrow,” even when the gym was only half a mile from my house. But now, I make sure my schedule works around getting into the gym because I can’t imagine not making it.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on double-unders (I can get 2!) and pull-up progressions. Also, always always always working on perfecting my snatch form.

What’s your favorite Wrought Iron Gym memory?

Oh I’ve got so many already! I loved competing at Battle at the Ballpark, and cheering everyone on. It was so much fun putting my skills and grit to the test in a public way like that. The Memorial Day Murph was a ton of fun and my real initiation into a big group WOD. I’m looking forward to doing that again next year and beating my time!

What motivates you to continue training at Wrought Iron Gym?

The people! I love coming in every day and seeing the same people and chatting about our lives. Before, gyms always felt like you either just worked out on your own and talked to no one or, if I was in a group class, there were already established cliques I couldn’t break into. At Wrought Iron, though, I’ve been welcomed with open arms in every class and people notice when I skip or attend a different class.