Molly’s Success Story

After I turned 21 I went through a rough patch in life. I had always maintained a healthy weight through high school and my very early 20’s but after 22 I gained about 40 pounds.  I was under a lot of stress from going to school full time and working a full time job. After I graduated college in 2012, I was able to manage my stress level and started to get control of my diet which started to relieve some of the weight gain. I started doing the Insanity program with Beach Body. After a month I was feeling great but then in the transition to month 2 I ended up hurting my knee during one of the workouts. The knee pain wasn’t seeming to get any better so I finally saw a physical therapist about 6 months later. It turns out that the solution to my pain was controlled exercises with good form and commitment to stretching. These were all things I could do at home so I made a commitment to work on it. Even though running still brought some pain, I was able to continue bringing my weight down through portion control. Finally in 2017 I felt motivated and pain free to start a running program with Running Central. With the running program, the remaining weight I had really did begin to fall off. I started being able to run farther than I ever had. I was breaching 8 to 9 miles for my long runs on the weekends which was a huge accomplishment for me. I started getting competitive. I wanted to get faster. I found I could run really far, I just couldn’t improve my pace it seemed.  

Fast forward to 2018… I saw the advertisement for the “Summer prep fitness” program on Facebook. The times were perfect for me! I was excited it was only a half hour class. In fact I’m pretty sure I saw it on my lunch at work on the very first day of the “free” week and I decided to try and make it to class that night. From that day on I made a commitment to be at the 5:30 am class every morning. At first I was so lost. The class wasn’t like anything I’d ever experienced before. There were a lot of acronyms that I didn’t understand. I googled. I researched. I loved the adrenaline rush I left with every morning. It was exhilarating. I was in so much pain yet I felt so alive. It was a good pain. A pain that told me I was using muscles that were in hibernation. 

After the 6 weeks was over I was hungry for more. It was a no brainer that I would start Crossfit. I joined Crossfit at the beginning of July 2018. Again, I felt just as lost as I had with Ironfit. Luckily the coaches at the gym were there for me every step of the way to walk me through the movements and the structure of the hour long class. It took me many months to feel comfortable with the bar but I loved every moment, every class. I’ve never been so sore. 

So I had weight loss success with running but it wasn’t until I joined CFEP that I truly saw my body definition change.  I started feeling stronger in my core, my shoulders, my back,  and my arms. I had lifted weights sporadically throughout my life but have never got results this dramatically and quickly. The difference is that prior me was training for aesthetic reasons. I now was training with purpose: to become a stronger athlete. CFEP brought that out in me. The class structure provides the right dose of competition yet you still feel like everyone there is on your side.  Just a phenomenal community. 

So let’s talk diet….
My diet at this point in my life was what I would call average.. ish. I ate pizza at least once a week. The only reason I ate wholesome meals was because I utilized Hello Fresh meal kits. Breakfast was either nothing at all or a Starbucks breakfast sandwich. Lunch was always from the cafeteria onsite at my work which usually was unhealthy and expensive. Weekends were filled with wine and craft beer. I was always conscious of portion sizing but for the most part I ate whatever I want.  I was a firm believer that as long as I didn’t eat more calories than I burned,  I was good to go.

I began the nutrition challenge in February with the gym. At first I was not going to commit. I was lying to myself that I didn’t have many changes to make. At the last minute I decided to sign up. I did my best to go into it with an open mind. The first thing that struck me about the nutrition plan is how simple the ingredients were. It really made it easy to see which types of food go into which categories. Meal prep got easier and easier every week (it still continues) to get easier.  I began weighing my food and counting macros. I cut out alcohol. I drank a gallon of water everyday.  I was sleeping like I hadn’t in years. And all of a sudden it was like I had super powers during my workouts. I felt jacked. And the best part is I was using no supplements.  My lifts started getting easier.  I went heavier.  Gymnastic moves felt more natural. I found out I love veggies. Brocolli roasted in the oven at 450 for 30 min with a little olive oil and seasoning is like crack to me. Sweet potatoes are so good they feel like a cheat. Also, I’m saving lots of money by not subscribing to hello fresh!!

So if you’re thinking about starting a program with CFEP I would tell you it’s a no brainer! If you follow the nutrition guidelines and work out with us consistently, you will see results. Bottom line!