Owner/Head Coach

Bryndy discovered her passion for sports at an early age. Growing up, she enjoyed many sports but excelled at basketball. During her highschool athletic career, she was an all-conference and all-state basketball player and also played softball. She passed up many college scholarships in order to focus on her education but still enjoyed playing for fun.

Once she graduated and no longer played highly competitive sports, she felt a huge void in her life. In an effort to find something to replace her love for basketball and sports, she tried many different physical activities such as running, biking, boxing, lifting at a regular gym, etc…but nothing could compare.

Then in May of 2012, she reluctantly tried CrossFit. She realized immediately that CrossFit could change her life and she’s never looked back. She loves the challenges that CrossFit workouts bring and the positive changes it’s brought to her life. Her absolute favorite aspect of CrossFit is the supportive community and amazing people she gets to encounter each and every day. Bryndy met Chelsea through CrossFit and loves that she gets to share her passion and help others alongside her life partner and best friend!

Bryndy has a passion for helping others to be their best by improving their health and fitness. Her favorite moments are watching people accomplish things that they never thought possible. Watching people better their quality of life inside and outside of the gym is something she lives for!

I CrossFit because…

It challenges me to be the best version of myself! I wish to become a better form of myself each and every day. I want to be faster, be stronger, and healthier than the person I was yesterday and Crossfit allows me to continuously test these limits. I also love the community aspect of Crossfit. There is nothing like being surrounded by like-minded people who have identical goals to you and want to see you achieve as well.

I Coach because…

I want to help others become their best selves. Being healthy transfers over into all aspects of life and when we take care of our bodies and learn from them, we can have more control of our lives. I love to see how quickly, through constant effort, our bodies can change and improve. I love the reaction people get when they see results and their friends and family begin to notice the differences. That’s when it becomes addicting!

My undercover exercises are…

Double Unders and Handstand Push Ups

My weaknesses are…

Assault Bike and Running

My favorite “cheat” meal is…

Pizza then a Puppy Chow Wizard from the Ice Cream Shack